Episode 21: A Candy Stealing Bayou Beast & the Blood Stained Memorial Hospital
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Episode 21: A Candy Stealing Bayou Beast & the Blood Stained Memorial Hospital

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Lock the car doors, seriously double-check that they are locked; we’re on the road to Louisiana. Hiding in the shadows of the night, stalking the fields, lurking through the bayous of Louisiana are things of nightmares.

If you aren’t careful while out for a late-night hurricane drink in the quarter, you might find yourself face to face with a creature. Its head is that of a dog, but it could also be the head of a chicken, cow, or pig attached to a human body. It might devour your flesh or taunt you into taking its curse.

Encountering the bayou beast should be on the bottom of your to-do list. Don’t miss this episode if you want to learn a handy mathematical trick to avoid falling victim with a Rougarou.

Welcome to Louisiana everybody, this paranormal road trip car leaves before dusk. Let these be your warning; this car goes with or without you. So if you aren’t back by nightfall, you’re on your own in Rougarou territory.

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Hop in guys and ghouls are you ready for a podcast paranormal road trip?

Lets take a quick quant down to Yorktown, a cute place in Texas oozing with small-town charm. Home to the beginning of every country music song with its back roads and old-timey buildings.

On East Main St., past the Yorktown City Hall intersection, is a strip of buildings time and people seems to have forgotten. But the bumps in the night that lay ahead have not forgotten a thing. Did you hear that?

While walking the halls of this abandoned hospital make sure to wave at Dr. Norwierski, Stacy and the Felician sisters. Keep your hands to yourself while we travel the halls where time stands still and blood stains the walls.

Let this be a warning to anyone with tattoos, gulp like both of these sisters, you may want to cover up or who knows what will happen on the other side of the faded red entry steps under the ominous “MEMORIAL HOSPITAL” sign.

Stay together everyone.

Let’s Keep the Spooky Conversation Going, Here’s How.

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