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Scary Scream Worthy Movies for this Spooky Season

Fall is here and the spooky season is upon us Boos and Ghouls.

Grab your pumpkin spice (coffee, ale, tea, whatever), favorite snacks, and cozy blanket… it’s time for a creepy night full of scary movies all easily found on Netflix.

But before we dim the lights and click play, let’s run through some basic rules for surviving Scary Movie Night, because you never know when you’re actually in a scary movie.

7 Rules For Surviving Scary Movie Night:

  • Never say who’s there when you get a a creepy phone call or a knock at the door to your unlit front porch.
  • If you skip these streaming videos and go old school with VHS tapes (anyone else have these as a kid) or DVD (and also have these as a kid), don’t watch it if it doesn’t have a label.
  • If you’re boozing it up and you end up being in a horror movie, you might be in trouble.
  • Drink all the coffee…. caffeine is literally everything.
  • Children = probably demons.
  • Practice the buddy system, going somewhere alone (even to the bathroom) my cause you to come face to face with the axe murderer.
  • If you hear a bump or commotion outside or in another room, for the love of everything don’t go investigate. Just don’t. It doesn’t work out in the horror movies, so it likely won’t work out so well for you either.

Now let the scares begin….

6 Scary Movies to Watch on Netflix this October


My all time favorite scary movie ever, I was 12 when it came out and can still obnoxiously recite about every line. Nothing says scary movie classic like a cinema trip to Woodsboro.

47 Meters Down

People are probably rollin their eyes at this one. No there isn’t a a crazed killer or demon or even a vampire. But hear me out…. being trapped with limited resources helpless to escape on your own. 2 sisters are trapped in a beat up cage, at the bottom of the ocean. What could possibly go run? Short on oxygen, trapped by blood thirsty sharks…. this is my worst nightmare.


I know, I know…. not a movie, but this tv show kills. It will keep you on the edge of your seat, covering your face, and peaking through your hands as deranged serial killers cause mass carnage on unsuspecting victims. Here are 3 seasons of slasher movie, er tv show, goodness.

The Conjuring

You’re probably seen it, if you have or haven’t, run don’t walk to Netflix to watch it. The clapping still haunts my dreams. This movie shares the terrifying story of a family in the 70s being tormented by a violent spirit. Will they make it out alive.

Would You Rather

This takes having friend over for game night and wine to a whole new level. All she wanted to do was help her sick brother, but it may end up costing her her life. Money has driven this millionaire mad. Are you desperate enough for money to play this game of horror and blood?

The Witch Files

Think the Craft meets Mean Girls circa 2018. Watch and find out what happens when a game of light as a feather stiff as aboard turns into a group of teenagers face the fallout of taking their powers too far.

Here’s 6 scary movie to kickstart your spooky movie watching spectacular. What are your favorite scary movies, share in the comments.

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