Episode  22: The Bellyache gargoyle & The Not So Alive Grandpa Man by a paranormal road trip podcast
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Episode  22: The Bellyache Gargoyle & The Not So Alive Grandpa Man

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Someone punch 3801 Madison Avenue into the GPS, we’re headed to Indianapolis, Indiana. Here you’ll find a red brick pre-Civil War home, with restless spirits that go bump in the night.

The Hannah House, built by Alexander Hannah in 1858, has seen its share of history and tragedy. Alexander used his home to serve as a safe stop along the underground railroad. Now people wonder if it’s some of those slaves who still hide in the basement of the Hannah House.

From figures hiding in the shadows to the nauseating smell of burning flesh, visitors to the basement where a tragic fire took the lives of slaves fleeing the south don’t feel alone.

Be careful walking the halls as objects have been known to fly at unsuspecting passerby’s. Oh and that man you see standing on the lawn, on the stairs, or in the hall may evaporate into thin air when you walk towards him. The grandpa man just might have a little chit chat with your kiddos.

Things are not always what they seem at the Hannah House. Buckle your seatbelts, grab a buddy, we are heading to Indiana.

Listen to the Ovilus X responses:

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Here we go again on another adventure in Texas. We are off to see the paranormal ways of the Emily Morgan DoubleTree Hotel. This hotel is named after Emily Morgan, who was an indentured servant during the Texas Revolution.

Six weeks after the legendary Battle of the Alamo, on April 16, 1836, Emily Morgan was captured along with other members of her household by the Mexican army and was forced to travel with the forces of General Antonio López de Santa Anna. While no official record exists surrounding the details of the unguarded Mexican camp, it is rumored that General Santa Anna was “preoccupied” with Emily Morgan during the pivotal battle cries, missing them completely and not alerting his troops. This former hospital now hotel has an interesting past.

Come join us as we talk about the terra cotta gargoyles, each one depicting a different ailment. There’s an elevator that has a mind of its own and likes to take its riders to the basement. Any votes to leave Brooke there? That’s just the tip of the iceberg of all the other things that go bump in the night.

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