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Bonus Mini-Murdersode: Skidmore Missouri a Town of Secrets

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Happy October Eve Ghosts and Ghouls!! 

We are celebrating this haunting time of year with a bonus episode. This is our latest Mini Murdersode which is exclusive content for our Patrons. 

In this episode, Brooke explores a Missouri unsolved murder that took place just a couple hours from where she calls home. This is Skidmore Missouri a Town of Secrets the Murder of Ken Rex McElroy.

The sleepy little town of Skidmore Missouri, hidden away in Nodaway county in North West Missouri has its tragedies and its secrets. Riddled with brutal crimes and missing people, one of this towns greatest mysteries is a “who done it.”

Who took justice into their own hands and gunned down this alleged town bully in the middle of the day without a single person seeing a thing? Hop in everyone we are exploring a town so sworn to secrecy that nearly 40 years later, this murder is still unsolved. 

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