a Paranormal Road Trip podcast Episode  23/ Respatator, Brothery, and the Orneriest Woman East of the MississippiEpisode  23/ Respatator, Brothery, and the Orneriest Woman East of the Mississippi
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Episode 23: Respatator, Brothery, and the Orneriest Woman East of the Mississippi

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This week lets get the heck out of Texas and set our sights on Lake Charles, LA.

We are going to talk about the Original Bloody Valentine Toni Jo Henry herself. Let’s dive deep into her master plan to break the love her life out of jail when everything goes wrong. What’s a girl to do when she has no money or car? Murder of course!

But we will learn from Ms. Henry as to not going drinking and telling all your secrets. Does the smell of burning hair and cheap perfume smelt inside of the courthouse have to do with Toni Jo’s death sentence to be the first female in the electric chair have anything to do with it?

Who knows let’s hop inside and make room for a little crime in this weeks episode!

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Along the Mississippi just north of STL, you’ll find Alton, IL, population right around 30,000…. and countless restless spirits. Alton, though smaller in the living population, is known to be one of the most haunted cities in America.

In Alton at one of it’s highest points, you’ll find an Italianate-Victorian red brick home. There are 15 acres of beautiful gardens, disturbed crypts, and even possible satanic rituals. Welcome to McPike Mansion.

On these grounds, you’ll want to keep your guard up, and protective crystals close because some of these spirits or maybe demonic entities may follow you home. While strolling through the property, you may be hugged, touched, or choked by unseen forces. If you keep your head on a swivel you may even see not one, but several apparitions of previous owners.

With those ghost stories and encounters, we’re just getting started with all the things that go bump in the night as McPike Mansion. Are you brave enough to go on this ride with us?

Let’s Keep the Spooky Conversation Going, Here’s How.

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