a Paranormal Road Trip Episode  24: the Legend of Helltown & One of the Most Haunted Cemeteries in the World
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Episode  24: the Legend of Helltown & One of the Most Haunted Cemeteries in the World

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Helltown USA located in the northern part of Summit County. Just like any other town in America with its strong roots in the past. Picture large forests as far as the eye can see with a large lumber mill making paper and lots of boarded up abandoned buildings with government signs warning against trespassing.

Wait what!

What does the government have to do with a cemetery, a house in the woods, a school bus, a church, a Hearse, a High Wall to “Hell” leading to the “End of the world”, Satanic activity, and a slaughter house?

Trust me this is no conspiracy episode hop in side and we will find out what’s really going on in this mostly deserted town. 

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I know it’s not winter yet and the air is just starting to get a chill (or at least it is here in my home state of Missouri), but my mind keeps wandering to warmer days. So hop in we are heading to San Diego.

Welcome to the El Campo Santo Cemetery, where restless spirits disrespected everyday by cars driving over their graves are a bit cranky. Walking the graves you may encounter a historic area employee dressed in period clothes, or perhaps not. Don’t be confused because those walking among us in period clothes, are not of this century.

This area, located a stones throw from the Whaley house, was so rich with paranormal activity in the 90’s that store owner pooled their resources to raise funds to have an exorcism done on the land. How haunted does it have to be, that store owners find the hauntings bad for business.

You won’t believe how active this cemetery is. Grab a buddy, we’re getting ready to explore the incredibly haunted El Campo Santo cemetery.

Let’s Keep the Spooky Conversation Going, Here’s How.

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