• a Paranormal Road Trip Episode  24: the Legend of Helltown & One of the Most Haunted Cemeteries in the World
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    Episode  24: the Legend of Helltown & One of the Most Haunted Cemeteries in the World

    Helltown USA located in the northern part of Summit County. Just like any other town in America with its strong roots in the past. Picture large forests as far as the eye can see with a large lumber mill making paper and lots of boarded up abandoned buildings with government signs warning against trespassing. Wait what! What does the government have to do with a cemetery, a house in the woods, a school bus, a church, a Hearse, a High Wall to “Hell” leading to the “End of the world”, Satanic activity, and a slaughter house? Trust me this is no conspiracy episode hop in side and we will find…

  • a Paranormal Road Trip podcast Episode  23/ Respatator, Brothery, and the Orneriest Woman East of the MississippiEpisode  23/ Respatator, Brothery, and the Orneriest Woman East of the Mississippi
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    Episode 23: Respatator, Brothery, and the Orneriest Woman East of the Mississippi

    This week lets get the heck out of Texas and set our sights on Lake Charles, LA. We are going to talk about the Original Bloody Valentine Toni Jo Henry herself. Let’s dive deep into her master plan to break the love her life out of jail when everything goes wrong. What’s a girl to do when she has no money or car? Murder of course! But we will learn from Ms. Henry as to not going drinking and telling all your secrets. Does the smell of burning hair and cheap perfume smelt inside of the courthouse have to do with Toni Jo’s death sentence to be the first female…

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    Bonus Mini-Murdersode: Skidmore Missouri a Town of Secrets

    Happy October Eve Ghosts and Ghouls!!  We are celebrating this haunting time of year with a bonus episode. This is our latest Mini Murdersode which is exclusive content for our Patrons.  In this episode, Brooke explores a Missouri unsolved murder that took place just a couple hours from where she calls home. This is Skidmore Missouri a Town of Secrets the Murder of Ken Rex McElroy. The sleepy little town of Skidmore Missouri, hidden away in Nodaway county in North West Missouri has its tragedies and its secrets. Riddled with brutal crimes and missing people, one of this towns greatest mysteries is a “who done it.” Who took justice into their…

  • a paranormal road trip podcast spooky snack mix

    a Paranormal Road Trip Spooky Snack Mix

    I don’t know about you, but I LOVE snacks.Plus, what road trip is complete without road trip snacks? (If there aren’t snacks, I’m not going) I especially love snacks that are easy to make and take, and don’t cause my fingers to get sticky and gross. I’m looking at you delicious Puppy Chow. This is one of our favorite, throw it together, treats. It’s a little salty, it’s a little sweet, and it’s a little chocolaty. It’s perfection in a bowl. You can even throw it in a bag and take it with you on your next spooky adventure. a Paranormal Road Trip Spooky Snack Mix What You’ll Need: Mini…

  • Episode  22: The Bellyache gargoyle & The Not So Alive Grandpa Man by a paranormal road trip podcast
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    Episode  22: The Bellyache Gargoyle & The Not So Alive Grandpa Man

    Someone punch 3801 Madison Avenue into the GPS, we’re headed to Indianapolis, Indiana. Here you’ll find a red brick pre-Civil War home, with restless spirits that go bump in the night. The Hannah House, built by Alexander Hannah in 1858, has seen its share of history and tragedy. Alexander used his home to serve as a safe stop along the underground railroad. Now people wonder if it’s some of those slaves who still hide in the basement of the Hannah House. From figures hiding in the shadows to the nauseating smell of burning flesh, visitors to the basement where a tragic fire took the lives of slaves fleeing the south…

  • 7 Rules For Surviving Scary Movie Night blog by a paranormal road trip podcast

    Scary Scream Worthy Movies for this Spooky Season

    Fall is here and the spooky season is upon us Boos and Ghouls. Grab your pumpkin spice (coffee, ale, tea, whatever), favorite snacks, and cozy blanket… it’s time for a creepy night full of scary movies all easily found on Netflix. But before we dim the lights and click play, let’s run through some basic rules for surviving Scary Movie Night, because you never know when you’re actually in a scary movie. 7 Rules For Surviving Scary Movie Night: Never say who’s there when you get a a creepy phone call or a knock at the door to your unlit front porch. If you skip these streaming videos and go…

  • Episode 21: A Candy Stealing Bayou Beast & the Blood Stained Memorial Hospital
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    Episode 21: A Candy Stealing Bayou Beast & the Blood Stained Memorial Hospital

    Lock the car doors, seriously double-check that they are locked; we’re on the road to Louisiana. Hiding in the shadows of the night, stalking the fields, lurking through the bayous of Louisiana are things of nightmares. If you aren’t careful while out for a late-night hurricane drink in the quarter, you might find yourself face to face with a creature. Its head is that of a dog, but it could also be the head of a chicken, cow, or pig attached to a human body. It might devour your flesh or taunt you into taking its curse. Encountering the bayou beast should be on the bottom of your to-do list.…

  • A Stroll through the Cursed Forest, Cult Craziness, and Haunted Axe Murders
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    Episode 20: Route 66 the Highway to Hellsville & the Death and Haunts of Your Childhood Vaca

    This week we are on the highway to Hellsville, are you ready for a spooky ride on this paranormal podcast? Are you sure you’re ready? We are going to get our kicks on Route 66. Then we are taking this spooky train to Flagstaff AZ.  Hotel Monte Vista may have played host to many famous figures over the years, such as John Wayne, Bing Crosby, and Harry Truman, it also apparently is home to a number of unearthly figures. Don’t forget to wave at the “Meat Man” and the “Women of the night” as we zip through this historic hotel and its many floors of spooky guess.  Keeps all arms and legs…

  • a Paranormal Road Trip episode 19
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    Episode 19: A Stroll through the Cursed Forest, Cult Craziness, and Haunted Axe Murders

    Keep you hands and feet inside the car at all time and if you don’t mind lock the doors because I’m not sure I really want to drive here you guys. This week we are locked door windows up driving to Freetown-Fall River State Forest, Massachusetts. Along the winding shadow soaked paths of this New England forest, things are not as they appear. Fawns play in meadows, birds chirp melodies in the trees, and an abducted teen’s body is tied to a tree. If you are looking for a peaceful hike through natures beauty, you’ve come to the wrong place. Creatures lurk in the woods, unexplained lights dot the night…

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    Hey Ghoul Hey, We’re Back

    We’ve missed you, like a lot. Mark your calendar new paranormal packed episodes begin 9/3/2019. Starting today – IT’S CONTEST TIME…. it is so easy to enter.  Here’s how to enter to win free a Paranormal Road Trip Swag. 1. Go to iTunes/Apple Podcast 2. Subscribe to a Paranormal Road Trip 3. Rate & Review a Paranormal Road Trip 4. That’s it you’re entered to win You have until 10 am on 9/3/2019!  Super quick and easy, you could win some free stuff and this love really helps the podcast. Winner(s) will be announced in the Secret a Paranormal Road Trip Group on Facebook on 9/3/2019.