Meet the Sisters

Hey There Travel Buddies! It’s the Younger nicer sister Sam here being forced to write something about myself.

We all know who the writer in this duo and it’s not me so don’t be expecting any twists and turns in this Bio. Let’s see…..a little bit about me……there is a reason I have been holding out on this, and it’s because of the two sisters, my life is the boring one. I have been married since 2013 to my amazing husband, and together we have started a zoo. Okay, maybe not really a zoo but some days it feels like it. We have 4 dogs truly ranging from small to large, and just for the record the 130-pound lab is the best cuddle partner ever, and we have 2 ferrets.  This girl loves her some true-crime TV shows and movies; I could watch them every day all day. I enjoy spending time with my 3.5 nephews (yup, that means there’s another on the way) and 2 nieces. When I am not hanging with the family or getting my true crime on, I am off the “high pace” life of an emergency communication center (Yup, my work number is 911). I love my job, and I have the best work family. My job is very rewarding, and I like the unknown nature of the next call.

My interest in all things paranormal started after my father passed away. I began noticing things being moved and hearing things open and close for no reason. I tried for a long time to ignore what I hearing because it did not make sense. My father did not live with us together in this house, but I as I got older and moved away from home the strange things continued to follow. Now I truly believe it’s my dad making his presence known. And fun fact I know that anytime I hear the song Sweet Child O’ mine performed by Guns and Roses I know it’s my dad saying he’s there. 

Hey Ghosties Hey! Brooke here, the older wiser sister. Thanks for stopping by to say hello.

brooke from a paranormal road trip podcast

This is the high-pressure part where I’m supposed to make my pretty basic life look dazzling. I could wordsmith my way into shinny internet perfection, or I can tell you how it is. No filter. Just plain ole B.

I’m a suburban boy mom of 2 (I sports continuously), a dog mom of 2 (Yorkipoo’s make the best snuggle buddies, prove me wrong), and a fitness bootcamper (because I like wine and cheese, not because I love working out). On days when it’s not too hot or not too cold, you’ll find me hiking trails, wondering if I’m going to get kidnapped and end up on a true-crime podcast. Please don’t abduct me. I’m not great at cooking or cleaning and won’t be much use.

My fascination with all things spooky started at 13 years old when my adoptive dad passed away suddenly from a heart attack. I was devastated. In the days following his passing, strange things began happening around our home. We started hearing power tools and saws running in his workshop, but all of the tools had been removed from our house. Weird right? Then one night while in bed, I glanced out into the hall and saw the shadow of a tall figure on the wall. I freaked.

We searched the house, no one there that shouldn’t be, and were unable to see how a shadow could even be cast on that wall. I’m pretty sure my adoptive mom thought I was suffering a breakdown. Until the man on the wall didn’t go away. There he was night after night walking the wall, pausing at my door, then continuing his pacing. Night after night, nearly every night until I left for college. My adoptive mom saw him. My friends saw him. I knew without question it was my dad.

I believe that the human is made up of so much energy both biologically and emotionally, that doesn’t just vanish when our bodies stop working. That energy goes somewhere. I still feel my bio dad with me when street lights turn out (he explained this happened because of magic), even happening on command when I needed to know he was there. He was the first spirit I felt with me but not the last.

So here I am all these years later, looking for things that go bump in the night. Watching for history played out in the afterlife and sipping a glass of wine in the process.