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We created this podcast as a way for us to stay connected and to figure out this whole sibling thing. We’re sisters, same dad, but were not raised in the same home. Brooke was “adopted” (sort of – long story it takes charts and markers) and raised in Missouri, while Sam lived in Colorado with dad and step-mom. We didn’t even find out about each other until about 10 years ago. So we are learning to sibling as adults. Which can be complicated, but connecting over our love for things that go bump in the night helps. 

We are independent podcasters, meaning we don’t have the backing of a media company or a team. What you see with the sisters, is the team. We love creating podcasts that connect us with each other and with you. Lots and lots of time goes into the research, production, post-production, trying to convince ourselves that coming home to all the TV’s in the house being on does not mean we’re haunted, you know things like that. Along with the creation side of things we love connecting with you, our amazing travel buddies, making sure to respond to each email and social media ping. 

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Sam & Brooke

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