• A Stroll through the Cursed Forest, Cult Craziness, and Haunted Axe Murders
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    Episode 20: Route 66 the Highway to Hellsville & the Death and Haunts of Your Childhood Vaca

    This week we are on the highway to Hellsville, are you ready for a spooky ride on this paranormal podcast? Are you sure you’re ready? We are going to get our kicks on Route 66. Then we are taking this spooky train to Flagstaff AZ.  Hotel Monte Vista may have played host to many famous figures over the years, such as John Wayne, Bing Crosby, and Harry Truman, it also apparently is home to a number of unearthly figures. Don’t forget to wave at the “Meat Man” and the “Women of the night” as we zip through this historic hotel and its many floors of spooky guess.  Keeps all arms and legs…