• a paranormal road trip podcast spooky snack mix

    a Paranormal Road Trip Spooky Snack Mix

    I don’t know about you, but I LOVE snacks.Plus, what road trip is complete without road trip snacks? (If there aren’t snacks, I’m not going) I especially love snacks that are easy to make and take, and don’t cause my fingers to get sticky and gross. I’m looking at you delicious Puppy Chow. This is one of our favorite, throw it together, treats. It’s a little salty, it’s a little sweet, and it’s a little chocolaty. It’s perfection in a bowl. You can even throw it in a bag and take it with you on your next spooky adventure. a Paranormal Road Trip Spooky Snack Mix What You’ll Need: Mini…

  • a Paranormal Road Trip episode 19
    Podcast Episode

    Episode 19: A Stroll through the Cursed Forest, Cult Craziness, and Haunted Axe Murders

    Keep you hands and feet inside the car at all time and if you don’t mind lock the doors because I’m not sure I really want to drive here you guys. This week we are locked door windows up driving to Freetown-Fall River State Forest, Massachusetts. Along the winding shadow soaked paths of this New England forest, things are not as they appear. Fawns play in meadows, birds chirp melodies in the trees, and an abducted teen’s body is tied to a tree. If you are looking for a peaceful hike through natures beauty, you’ve come to the wrong place. Creatures lurk in the woods, unexplained lights dot the night…

  • Episode 8: Skin Walkers, Hell Portals, and Trickster Lord Tyrion ghosts a paranormal road trip podcast
    Podcast Episode

    Episode 8: Skin Walkers, Hell Portals, and Trickster Lord Tyrion ghosts

    Skin Walkers, a portal to hell, and a trickster spirit that reminds Brooke of Lord Tyrion….. we must be in New Mexico….. Episode 8 is going to give you shivers. Brooke takes us to the portal of hell, where only 2 cat totems stand between us and a demonic end of days. Scary stuff might be hitting the fan really soon if the end of days is ushered in with the falling of those last 2 totems. Sam checks us in at the St. James hotel where it’s deadly wild west past is still playing out even today. Be very careful here because you don’t know what is going to…

  • Alabama a paranormal road trip podcast
    Podcast Episode

    Episode 7: Wampus Cats, White Thang, & Ghost Dirsh the Jerk!

    Hey Alabama, we’re coming for you….. and we’re a little scared because there are some terrifying legends of what stalks through shadows of an Alabama night. Welcome to Episode 7. Sam tells the story of Mr. Dirsh…. Dirsh the Jerk as Brooke lovingly called him, who still haunts his home. Brooke takes Sam on a digital tour through Selma, where you’re likely to bump into a ghost while walking down the street. Please keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times, because it’s a Paranormal Road Trip. If you haven’t checked us out on Facebook on our page visit here OR you can join the top secret Facebook group here. …